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Which automated external defibrillator (AED) is right for you?


HeartStart HS1 Philips Defibrillator
Recommended for:
Users with little or no experience.
Best suited for:
Public office spaces, gyms, shopping centres, hotels and homes.
HeartStart FRx Philips Defibrillator
Recommended for:
Users requiring an easy-to-use and robust defibrillator. (Police, fire services and sports coaches)
Best suited for:
Sports facilities, outdoor and industrial locations as well as areas exposed to moisture (swimming pools and maritime locations).
HeartStart FR3 Philips Defibrillator
Recommended for:
Professional Emergency Responders or users receiving frequent training.
Best suited for:
Emergency vehicles, healthcare centres, doctors offices, the military and similar.
FR3 can be purchased with an ECG screen.

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Need to replace the batteries or pads in your AED or AED trainer?

To make sure your defibrillator is always ready in case of an emergency it is important that the pads are replaced upon expiration (expiration date found on pads). All Philips AEDs run self-tests periodically, signaling when the battery is running low.